Toy Fair 2014 – The Loyal Subjects

tf14 tnOne of my favorite finds from the 2013 Toy Fair were the G. I. Joe and Transformers vinyl figures from The Loyal Subjects. They were back at Toy Fair 2014 and had a nicely upgraded booth space and an expanded product line. On display was a 2nd series of Transformers figures, which have upgraded articulation and features from the 1st series. They look really good – the Shockwave was just about perfection. Other blind boxed figures included a new series of Mr. Potato Head figures and Power Rangers.

The Loyal Subjects had more than just toys on display – including their smartly designed graphic tshirts (the Wheeljack one is fantastic), skate decks and a surf board.

You can find The Loyal Subjects online here. Enjoy the pictures below.


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