BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) Kickstarter Underway

Every week I get a couple of emails from folks wanting me to write about their Kickstarter project and since most aren’t relevant to the site, I ignore most of them. This past week, however, one floated through my inbox that is well deserving of some AwesomeToyBlog attention. BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordance Gestalts) are a building toy system that is used to build robot animals – but the twist is that each construction piece is a 5mm peg-and-post compatible action-figure accessory. Yes, you read that correctly, robot animals built from weapons and other accessories.

This Kickstarter campaign will bring the first two BMOG toys to production;  URSENAL of the heroic AUGMENTOIDS (a robot bear that separates into four guns, a warhammer, battle-blade, scanner and bear-head crusher-claw) and MANTAX from the evil PARAXXOIDS (a manta ray that splits into a huge double-bladed axe-pick and a double-barreled hand-blaster). Both of these toys are in the gallery below.

By backing the Kickstarter campaign you have the opportunity to get these figures in their standard retail black coloring, but also a 2nd exclusive color set; where the color is determined by Kickstarter votes. $15 is the entry pledge which gets you the Kickstarter exclusive coloring of MANTAX, $20 for the exclusive URSENAL. $30 gets you both toys in the Kickstarter color while $50 will get you both in both the Kickstarter and black color schemes. The entire list of rewards are listed on the Kickstarter page.

In the gallery below check out both figures from wave 1 and get a teaser of what’s being planned for wave 2! With 5 days to go, the campaign is just a bit over $5000 from being funded…so head over, check it out and back this cool idea!

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