Multiverse Studio Announces Angry Little Girls! Plush

multiverse studioMultiverse Studio Inc. today announced partnership with Angry Little Girls! to offer a 7-inch plush of the sassy titular protagonist Kim from the syndicated comic strip and popular book series.

Angry Little Girls! by Lela Lee — currently a syndicated comic strip by Universal Syndicate on Go Comics, 3 days a week and also a successful series of books published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. and Running Press Publishers. Angry Little Girls! is a cross between South Park and The Simpsons for girls, with an Asian flair. For over a decade Angry Little Girls! has been a very popular license with a strong following and fan base among females 13 to 30 years old.

“Angry Little Asian Girl” was first created in 1994, while Lee was an “angry” college student at UC Berkley. It became so popular in 2011, that she started selling homemade T-shirts from the trunk of her car! That’s when she decided to expand the brand into the comic strip world with Angry Little Girls! with a syndicated comic strip on Go Comics. Angry Little Girls! centers around “Kim”, the “Angry Little Asian Girl” (most popular character in the book series), she is Lee’s answer to her own anger to a world which she saw as unfair, especially to girls who were in different – in anyway. Lee hopes that with Angry Little Girls! — females everywhere today will feel represented in image, psyche and humor. Lee believes “Angry Little Asian Girl” is the “Pop Culture” heroine in all females, who relates to anyone who is misunderstood and between cultures. “The Angry Little Asian Girl” is Lee’s inner hero and she gets to say everything she always wanted to – but never could!
Limited to a production of 1000 units globally, Angry Little Girls! Kim Plush retails for $20 each and is available for purchase at select online retail outlets.

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