Big Tent Entertainment Offering Exclusive Domo Plush

SDCC 2013 logoDomo is going to be all over the place at SDCC. We’ve already seen the Domo X DC Pop! figures (and shirts) that Funko’s offering and Dark Horse will have their annual Domo Qee. You can now add Big Tent Entertainment to the list of places offering a special Domo for SDCC. They have two exclusive Domo plush – “Electric Slide” Domo and Indomitable Abominable Domo. “Electric Slide” Domo is green and black with a hint of a snakeskin pattern and Indomitable Abominable is white and furry. Individually, each plush is $20, bought as a pair they are $35.

Electric Slide Domo Abominable Domo

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