Transformers Reveals from BotCon 2013


Finally! A post that’s not about SDCC, instead the focus is BotCon, the official Transformers convention. This afternoon was the Hasbro panel at the show and with it came a slew of brand new toy announcements. The crew at HunterPR have provided all the details and images on all the new figures announced. See them all below!

Also, we’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to both Ultra Magnus and Beast Wars Megatron for their induction into the Transformers Hall of Fame.

Keep reading after the jump to see the entire list of new toys and images of each!

TRANSFORMERS Generations Legends 2-Packs

· A5485 – Swerve w/Sky High
· A5486 – Cosmos w/Blast Master (editorial note – YEA!)

TRANSFORMERS Generations Deluxe

· A5478 Dreadwing
· A5479 Waspinator
· A5480 Skids
· A5481 Goldfire

TRANSFORMERS Generations Voyager

· A5483 Doubledealer
· A5484 Rhinox
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Legion

· A6422 Dragon 1
· A4699 Dragon 2
· A4701 Bluestreak
· A4700 Elite Air Vehicon

TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Commander

· A4706 Megatron
· A4705 Ultra Magnus
· A4704 Bludgeon

TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe

· A4689 Prowl
· A6214 Bumblebee
· A6215 Twinstrike
· A6216 Smokescreen
· A6217 Windrazor

TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Voyager

· A6212 Beast Hunter Optimus
· A6213 Predaking

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