MattyCollector Reveals Next Two SDCC Exclusives

SDCC 2013 logoAnother day, another pair of SDCC reveals from MattyCollector. Up today we have:

DC Man of Steel™ Movie Masters® Superman™ vs. General Zod Movie Pack

This  2-pack brings to life the super charged battle between two powerful Kryptonians, Superman™ and the General Zod, an exciting diorama  set in the city of Metropolis! The package features lights that simulate  Superman’s Heat Ray vision, and shows off the Kryptonian’s super strength and  flying ability. The diorama is completed with sound effects to help bring the  scene to life. Full image will be available on 6/17.

Hot Wheels® Battlestar  Galactica Colonial Viper

In  the desperate search for the fabled thirteenth colony, surviving pilots from  the Twelve Colonies fly these single-person crafts, ever watchful for enemy Cylons.  You’ve waited for many yahrens… now you can celebrate the 35th  Anniversary of the original 1978 TV show with this finely detailed replica Battlestar  Galactica Colonial Viper! In 1:64 scale with VUM finish and die-cast body and  chassis, this fighter plane comes on a commemorative blister card that evokes  the original Mattel packaging and fits seamlessly into your vintage collection.

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