Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who Week Day 1 – TARDIS Monitor Mate

Doctor Who logo2013 is a huge year for Doctor Who, the acclaimed series celebrates it’s 50th anniversary! We here at AwesomeToyBlog HQ couldn’t be more excited and to celebrate we are taking this week to shine a light on some of the new products available from Bif Bang Pow! Today’s item is a bit of a rarity – it’s the Toy Fair exclusive TARDIS Monitor Mate. But fear not, if you think this piece is cool – there’s a regular version, a B&W version and a silver 50th anniversary edition available for pre-order now.

The Toy Fair TARDIS Monitor Mate is a TARDIS bobble head shrunk down to sit atop your monitor (double sided tape is included to attack the base to your monitor). The Toy Fair exclusive version features a gold base – a small celebration of the 50th anniversary. The TARDIS itself is stands 3 1/4″ tall and is a representation of the original/current TARDIS with the St. John’s Ambulance badge. The sculpt and paint on the ‘ole blue box’ are quite good, particularly considering the small scale.

The TARDIS Monitor Mate is a great looking display piece and would be a perfect piece of cube decoration of one’s work place. See images of this collectible below.


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