New from Gentle Giant in April


Gentle Giant’s released their line-up for April – with releases across the Star Wars, Walking Dead and The Hobbit, there’s some great stuff on tap. Check it all out below.

From Star Wars:

 –       Grand Admiral Thrawn Mini Bust – The main villain behind Timothy Zahn’s epic Heir to the Empire trilogy of novels, Grand Admiral Thrawn also boasts the notoriety of being the most requested character in the Expanded Universe to be done in mini bust format.

–       Luke Snowspeeder Deluxe Mini Bust – It’s been a while since we last did a Luke Skywalker piece, so we decided to revisit him. This new interpretation is from the Battle of Hoth, and the bust features two sets of interchangeable arms. One pair wields a grappling cannon, the other a blaster. –

–       Dengar Kenner Jumbo Figure & 4-LOM Kenner Jumbo Figure – Our Jumbo Vintage Kenner line has reached one of the most exciting and iconic segments of the Empire Strikes Back – the infamous Bounty Hunters! This month, we add 4-LOM and Dengar to the roster of characters now available for pre-order. Can Zuckuss be far behind? 4-LOM –, Dengar –

From The Walking Dead:

–       Daryl Dixon Mini Bust – I think Daryl has become more popular than Rick in recent seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead. At least it seems that way, because our fans and collectors have been begging for us to give them a Daryl Mini Bust (and don’t forget the crossbow)! Ask and ye shall receive!

From The Hobbit:

–       Goblin King Mini Bust – “Mini” Bust is a misnomer when it comes to this large and incredibly detailed piece! Crafted using the actual CGI data from the film, no other collectable can claim to be as screen accurate.

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