Toy Fair 2013 – Bif Bang Pow!

TF2013 LogoBif Bang Pow! had a huge booth this year, filled with new product. One of big announcements of the show were retro figures of the Big Bang Theory, while not personally a fan of the show, these figures looked good – including the likenesses. BiBP!’s Star Trek license also had a solid showing with their Original Series episode art shot glasses standing out. The art work is bright and clear.

Doctor Who was another huge focus. I’ve already raved about the 50th Anniversary glasses Bif Bang Pow! is offering, a TARDIS will be featured on the 12th glass. On display was a new pair of retro figures – from Sarah Jane Smith’s final episode ‘Hand of Fear’ comes Eldrad, and from ‘Planet of Evil’ comes Anti-Man. I was very excited to see new figures from this line, but really ready for some of the previously announced figures to ship.

Other lines on display, and included in the gallery below, were Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Venture Bros. and more.  Check it all out in the gallery below.

[nggallery id=158]

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  1. Are you serious with these pictures?

    Not one of these figures have a proper scaled head!

    I thought BBP was going to start getting a handle on this after the disaterous debut of the Battlestar Galactica and The Six Million Dollar Man lines last summer, I guess not.

    These are horrible. That should be your story

  2. Wow! Awesome shots, Matt, thanks so much for all the attention. And ‘megofan’: it’s shocking to me that after all this time and all the shows we’ve done that we’re STILL having to remind folks like yourself that we’re not incompetent fools who haven’t noticed what ‘scale’ means. The 6th picture into a four page spread is a beautiful shot of a little sign we posted at NY TF, go back and have a look. The real story should be the broken record of certain people not paying attention to the details. As for ‘disasterous’ debuts of BSG and SMDM, both lines completely sold out. Which is why we’re going back for seconds, ‘success’ in the toy world. But thanks so much for the feedback, it clearly comes from a toy enthusiast embracing the golden age of action figures we’re living in.

  3. Really? Do you even know what scale means?
    I doubt it, judging by the the new figures you’re showing. The heads look even bigger than the ones last summer, which weren’t even close to scale.
    Well, they would be I guess, if you were putting them on 12” bodies.

    If you got it right, you wouldn’t have to CONSTANTLY remind people, genius. It’s not just “folks like myself”, It’s the MAJORITY.
    Certainly no one will know by the sign you posted, because the last line is covered.

    And the ONLY broken record is the one you keep playing, pal. Everytime you show your figures you say they’re going to be fixed,that you’re aware of the problems, blah, blah, blah, and you know what? THEY NEVER ARE. The finished product looks just as bad as the production models.

    By the way, It’s 6 to 8% shrinkage, not 60 to 80. You might want to fill your sculpter in on that.

    But I guess these are all going to taken care of, right?
    Right, just like how you were going to go back and fix the Dr. Who hat that was useless.

    As for your sales, I guess people have to believe what you tell them, but I don’t. Maybe YOU sold them all, but I see plenty out there that people can’t give away. How long do you think that will last?

    You’re welcome for the feedback. You should listen to it. But I guess it’s easier to convince 5 or 6 knuckleheads on the Mego Museum about this “Golden age”,than the overall collector community.

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