Toy Fair 2013 – Bandai’s Ben 10 Omniverse

TF2013 LogoBen 10 Omniverse kicked off last year, and continues on the Cartoon Network and features new toys in 2013. On tap from Bandai this year are:

Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Link Omnitrix

The most powerful and interactive Omnitrix of the future is here! The Ben 10 Omni-Link Omnitrix features revolutionary technology that enables it to interactively play with the latest media formats kids love including specially-marked Omni-Link apps, videogames, internet games, and the included DVD that has 11 Ben 10 cartoon action sequences. Kids will marvel at the Omnitrix as it reacts to these media devices to spontaneously play any of 12 alien voices or 20 sound effects as it vibrates and lights up. Kids can also manually produce these features in the Omnitrix without any media interaction if they choose.

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Shuffle

When the Omnitrix Shuffle is shaken, kids will randomly hear any of 10 alien voices. By attaching the included alien mini figure, only that alien’s voice will be heard when the Omnitrix Shuffle is activated. To control the other nine voices, kids can collect select basic figures containing a compatible mini figure. The more you collect, the more you can control the Omnitrix and protect the universe.

Ben 10 Omniverse Transportation Station

The Ben 10 Transportation Station is modeled after a room shown on the cartoon. This high-tech gadget producing lab is where Ben will work with his fellow Plumbers to rid the universe of evil. Two action figures come with the play set, so you can position Ben at the lab door and when evil approaches, press down on the Omnitrix symbol and watch Ben disappear behind the door and reappear on top as Humungousaur. The more figures you collect, the more aliens Ben can change into. The set also includes a racing scooter, missile firing turret, and jail.

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