Barney Stinson and John Wayne joining your collection as Wacky Wobblers

Funko announced a few new Wacky Wobblers today.First up, and due January 24th is Barney Stinson from the hit CBS show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. This talking Wacky Wobbler includes the phrases:

  • “I accept your challenge”
  • “In my body… Where the Shame Gland should be….There’s a second, awesome gland…. True story”
  • “This is TOTALLY going in my blog!”
  • “When I get sad…I stop being sad and be awesome instead…. True story”
  • “It’s going to be legend…Wait for it…and I hope you are not lactose intolerant… for the second half of that word is… DAIRY!”
Also revealed today were two Wacky Wobblers of John Wayne. Each of those will be available in April. Check all three of these out in the gallery below.

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