Funko adds a MegaPop! Batman, Ted Wobble and Angry Bird Star Wars Wobblers

Funko sent out a short email today with a few new items. Up first, and available now is a 9″ Batman MegaPop! figure. Available in two colorings, a standard black/grey and a chase blue – this Batman is over twice the size of a standard Pop! The awesomeness does scale with size, so that’s a lot of awesome.

The front half of November has a Wacky Wobbler of Ted, the namesake of this summer’s movie Ted. Of course, this Wobbler talks and includes the phrases below:

“Hey, Johnny, how about a beer, huh? Ooh, couple of Charles Brewkowski’s?”
“That’s my bad I was sending a tweet.”
“I love you girls, you know, somewhere out there are four terrible fathers I wish I could thank for this great night.”
“Maybe you should say no to a snickers bar every once in a while.”

Finally, due out towards the end of November are Wacky Wobblers based on the just announced app Angry Birds Star Wars. Three Wobblers are part of the initial offerings, a Luke Skywalker bird, a Darth Vader pig and a Stormtrooper pig.  Check out images of all these pieces in the gallery below.

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