SDCC 2012 – Mega Blok’s Power Ranger mural donated to Austism Speaks / Motiva

While most booths at SDCC showcased fantastic product locked safely in a display case – the Power Rangers Mega Blok booth was a booth that invited convention goers to interact with the display. Over the course of the convention, a giant Power Rangers mural was built by show attendees one block at a time. In exchange for participating, builders were given a blind bagged Power Rangers mini-fig.

What happened to the mural? While many convention pieces either get torn apart or stored in a warehouse – the Mega Bloks Power Ranger mural was donated to Motiva Associates, an Autism Speaks partner in California.

Props to Mega Bloks for this activity and their donation! It’s great to see a company use it’s booth space at SDCC as more than just a venue for promoting their products. Check out a quick snapshot of the mural under construction below.

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