Free Batman duffle bag with $15 of Batman Mattel toys

Tonight at the grocery store I noticed something different at their Batman display – Mattel is running a promotion where, with a $15 Mattel Batman product purchase, you can get a free (well, $5 for shipping/processing) Batman duffle bag. Purchases must be made from 5/27/12 to 8/31/12 at any store except Kmart, Walmart, TRU, and Target. You can redeem this offer online at

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  1. Big KMart and KMart would be the same essentially…I’m guessing they’re excluded as this is a promotion for the non-traditional toy stores. For example, I found the order form in the grocery store near their Batman cardboard display.

  2. The promotion is to support non-traditional toy outlets, so TRU wouldn’t count.

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