Huckleberry and toddland team up for SDCC

Huckleberry sent over word on their SDCC 2012 plans. This year they’ve teamed up with toddland to bring a fresh new bunch of products that are sure to delight. Located at booth #3449, they’ve got designs by  Whalen, Doyle, and Perillo, toddland has a roster of some pretty special limited releases. Everything is pretty limited, so if you see something you want – be sure to grab it quick. Keep reading to see the product that’s lined up (I love the Land of the Lost print)
Tom Whalen:
– Land of the Lost print
– regular edition (green) of 125 pcs, $60
– variant edition (purple) of 75 pcs $85

Tim Doyle:
– Yo Gabba Gabba Muno print
– 1st in the series of Tim Doyle Yo Gabba Gabba Prints
– regular edition of 130 pcs, $40.00
– variant edition (glow in the dark ink) of 30 pcs, $60.00

Dave Perillo:
– The Aquabats! print
– regular edition of 150 pcs, $25.00
– variant (The Sandfleas!) edition of 40 pcs, $35.00
– H.R. Pufnstuf print
– regular edition (blue) of 125 pcs, $50.00
– variant edition (red) of 75 pcs, $75.00

Pendleton Ward Hand drawn sweater (Adventure Time)
– Pen specially designed this sweater just for his friends at toddland, and they printed it and only made 75 of them.
– limited to 75 pcs, $75

Japanese Brobee super limited edition tees (Yo Gabba Gabba)
– limited to 150 of each color, (Yellow, Black, Gray), these are $20

Adventure time:
There will be a whole bunch of totally rhombus Adventure Time gear to pick up, including Jake Sweatpants ($25), Jake Sweatshirt ($30), Lady Rainacorn and Jake belts ($18 each), a bunch of awesome socks ($12), pillows ($15), and Air Fresheners ($5 each, and yes there is a Marceline!).  The Huckleberry booth is also a stop on the Adventure Time Cartoon Network “Con-Quest”, so come by and get stamped.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Cartoon Network Adventure Time Panel on Saturday, July 14th, at 11:15am in room 6A.

Yo Gabba Gabba:
In addition to the Tim Doyle prints and the Japanese Brobee shirts, they will have all of their Yo Gabba Gabba charachter wallets as well.  Never a dull moment with toddland, their Brobee wallet is made out of fur (not real fur), the Muno wallet actually has bumps on it, and the Plex wallet has a snap shut antenna!  Also, DJ Lance AND Muno will be in the booth (#3449) on Friday from 11am-3pm for photos.

The Aquabats!:
Dave Perillo always wanted to work on an Aquabats piece, so they put rad with rad and made it happen.  Then, MC Bat Commander (he has toddland on speed dial) requested that they make a whole bunch of crazy stuff to share with their fans at comic con.  So poof! (thats what magic sounds like), it happened.  They’ve got Aquabats capes ($10), special wallets ($20), A Uniform underpants set ($25), Aquabats Pajama Party set ($30) and some other craziness like socks ($12), boxers ($15), pillows ($15), and floating keychains ($5)!  The Aquabats panel is Friday night from 8pm-9pm in room 7B.  Keeping the comic con tradition alive, they will be performing at the House of Blues San Diego on Saturday night (Doors at 630), and all the Aquabats will be in the booth on Saturday from 11am – 1pm for photo op and signing!

And for those of you wondering, they will of course have the toddland world famous cheeseburger wallets ($24), hot dog and corn dog coin purses ($18), the world’s largest gummy bear ($36), the worlds largest gummy worm ($28), and all the other toddland bounties on hand that only they could make.  Like wrist fanny packs… yes, fanny packs for your wrist ($5).

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