tokidoki’s SDCC exclusives

This past toy fair, meeting the folks at tokidoki was one of the many high points of the show, as they have an awesome range of unique and cool products ranging from vinyl toys to Marvel apparel. They’ve sent out some details of their SDCC plans, they’re going to be unveiling some limited edition products including tees and hats from tokidoki as well as co-branded product with Stoopid Monkey, Capcom, and Marvel. All apparel and hats will be priced between $20 and $30. They’ve also announced 4 exclusive toys, at $20 each are Silver Truffle and Silver Porcino, Mud Porcino will be $15 and finally the Cactus Rocker Blue will be $39.95.

Fans also will have the opportunity meet tokidoki’s Co-found and Creative Director Simone Legno daily from 11:30AM to 1:30PM. Tickets are available to the first 60 customers at the tokidoki booth daily once the show opens.  This is a rare and fantastic opportunity to meet the creative force behind the tokidoki brand!

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