Funko news blast – new MJ, Star Wars Blox Bobbles and Mars Attacks!

The mail bag was overflowing today! Funko sent a few new images for me to share with you spanning a few different popular licenses. Up first are two new additions to the Michael Jackson Pop! series – his look from the 1984 Grammy’s and his ‘Bad’ video attire.  Both of these Pops! are due May 17th.

And from the land of the force come a new twist on Funko’s Blox figures – Blox Bobbles! These take the 2D-projected into 3D figures and add the fun of a bobble to them. This first batch of Star Was Blox Bobbles includes fan favorites Boba Fett, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.  These figures can be yours May 31st.

Finally, as the 50th anniversary of the ‘Mars Attacks!’ trading cards really starts to roll – Funko is releasing a Blox figure of the martian. He will also be available May 31st.  Ack ack!

Images of all these new releases are below.


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