‘Rise of the Beasts’ Kickstarter funded – still time to participate

With the smashing success of the OMFG figures on Kickstarter – the Battle Beasts inspired ‘Rise of the Beasts’ project took to Kickstarter with an aim of raising $11,000 to get the first series of figures released. With a few days left, the project is fully funded; meaning participating in the project now is essentially a preorder for the figures. The four figures includes a lion, gorilla, horned toad and komodo dragon. The first three will have a leaner, more proportional body style, similar to He-Man, Thundercats, etc. The 4th figure, the komodo will be shorter and squatter, similar to Battle Beasts! All beasts will come with a weapon and be available in both painted and unpainted formats. The lion, gorilla and horned toad each have 3 points of articulation (neck and shoulders) while the shorter figure will have only shoulder articulation. Head over to Kickstarter.com to check it out!

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