Toy Fair 2012 – NECA Toys

NECA has developed a reputation of having some of the most eagerly anticipated toy fair reveals. With the diversity of their releases ranging from some of the most popular video games to classic pop culture licenses, it’s easy to see why collectors are so interested in NECA’s offerings.

New licenses for this year include Rocky figures – the first wave is already available with 2 other waves planned for later this year. Also new this year are figures from E.T. – and, of course, a role play light up finger. Finally, figures from the Bordlands game will be hitting stores in May.

Continuing licenses include Gremlins, which had a full size stunt puppet replica on display – I can now say that I know just how big a gremlin should be. Assassin’s Creed, Gears of Wars and Left 4 Dead all have new figures for this year. New figures will also be coming in their Predators, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street lines.

NECA also had several full size video game prop replicas on display, the shining star of these being the wormhole gun from Portal. Limited to 5000 pieces, this replica features both lights and sounds and should be hugely popular.

NECA also had their HeroClix games on display, introducing a new interactive way to play. With new HeroClix releases (across all properties) – you’ll be able to play remotely against other players through your iPad. Load up the app, place your HeroClix figure on the pad and it detects who is on the board and finds you a competitor. Its a very cool way extend the game. And their Star Trek HeroClix blind boxed ships looked fantastic.

check out everything on display in the gallery below.

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