Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro’s Transformers

As I continue working my way through the Hasbro Collector’s Event today, I now turn my attention to Transformers. With Transformers: the Ride – 3D, Transformers: Prime, Transformer: Rescue Bots and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron all happening this year – there’s plenty to keep the Transformers fan busy.  Keep reading for the 2012 Transformers plans!

TF: the Ride 3D

  • Singapore Opened in December
  • TF: the Ride Merch.: Legion and Deluxe EVAC (introduced at SDCC), Legion Bumblebee, Deluxe Optimus,    Voyager Prime and Megatron

Transformers: Universe MMO

  • Lauches Fall 2012 from Jagex Studios
  • Free to play MMO with micro-transactions/subscriptions

Rescue Bots

  • Mobile HQ new for Fall 2012
  • Show kicks off Feb 18th after a preview in Dec


  • The Quest for Energon – 7 new KRE-O sets features the Quest for Energon Story
  • KREO Devastor – with individual Constructicons
  • 29 new KREONS to collect

TF: Prime

  • March 6 – BLURAY and DVD of Season 1 – 26 episodes
  • Enhanced E-books launcing in April 2012 for iPad and iPhone
  • Prime First Edition Update :Not avilabile to US. Will try to bring in 2012 – Deluxe Wave 2, Voyage Wave 1 and Entertainment Pack.  Issue tied to a Hasbro distribution issue
  • Movie Trilogy Set will be asia only:Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Ratched and Soundwave
  • Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime with Trailer will be in US
  • Robots in Disguise: March 1st
  • Deluxe Wave 1- Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Cliff Jumper, Soundwave – all new molds
  • Deluxe Wave 2 – Ratchet and Arcee
  • Deluxe Wave 3 – Knockout, Hot Shot, Vehicon
  • Voyage Wave 1- Optimus Prime, Megatron
  • Voyager Wave 2 – Starscream, Bulkhead
  • RiD Weaponizers: Optimus Prime – both vehicle and robot has weaponizing action
  • RiD Weaponizer: Bumblebee
  • Prime Entertainment Pack (Canada and Asia) – Bumblebee, Starscream 2 humans
  • RC controlled Transformers: Bumblebee and Knockout in Fall 2012
  • Battle Masks and Mission Helmets continue


  • Wave 1 – Vehicon, Ratchet, Cliff Jumper, Arcess, Bumblebee
  • Wave 2 – Breakdown, Soundwave, Mirage, Evac
  • Commander Wave 1 – Optimus, Bulkhead, Star Scream, Megatron
  • Wave 2 – Ironhide, TBD
  • Cyberverse Vehicles Wave 1 – Star Hammer w/ Wheeljack. Has light up action which interacts with Commander figures
  • Energon Driller w/ Knockout
  • New Size Scale – Maximus — Optimus Maximus coming in Fall 2012; holds 9 Cyberverse figures. has a Mech Mode and a Battle Station mode


  • March 1 – online game launch. Player vs. Player with Codes in pack
  • 44 bots to collect, each features a crash activated transformation
  • Singles Wave 1 Optimus, Starscream, Bumblebee, Barracade and Clear Sentinel Prime – chase!
  • Wave 2- Ratchet, Mirage, Brawl, Clear BB
  • Launchers Wave 1 – Optimus, Megatron
  • 3 packs coming…missed the waves. One included a clear Acid Storm figure


Transformers Generations

  • Fall of Cybertron – Sept 2012
  • 5 Deluxe Combaticons coming in fall. Will merge at Bruticus.
  • Generations Wave 1 – Optimus Prime, Jazz, Shockwave
  • Generations Wave 2 – Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl, Swindle, Onslaught
  • Generations back next year in a big way. Over 40 figures in 2013.
  • Of note – 30th Anniversary of G1 in 2014

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