Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro’s G.I. Joe

As toy fair kicks off, Hasbro held this fan media event today. Here are the G.I. Joe plans for 2012 with the focus being on G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The product looks fantastic – but was the hardest to photograph. Hi-res photos will be posted later, in the mean time enjoy!


  • Movie figures early June
  • Total of 50 Figures and 4 SDCC exlcusives (including those w/ vehicles)
  • 9 Vehicles +1 SDCC exclusives
  • More concentrated line, less young skewing
  • Some exclusives are still pending and won’t be shown
  • Wave 1 – Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Duke, Storm Shadown, Zartan (green eyes! – multiple masks), GI Joe Trooper, Cobra Trooper (fabric Parachute), Red Ninja
  • Wave 2 – Battle Kata Roadblock, Firefly (2 heads), Flint, Ninja Duel Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow (zipline accessory) – July 2012
  • Wave 3 – Joe Colton (Bruce Willis – looks amazing!), Lady Jaye, Alley Viper, Cyber Ninja, Dragon Ninja    – August 2012
  • Wave 4 – Kim Arashikage (can’t be called Jinx on the toy), Blind Master,  – Sept 2012
  • Wave 5- Crimson Guard (customizable with sticker sheet), Night Viper,  – October
  • Ninja Showdown Set Wave 2 Sept 2012
  • GI Joe Night Ops Team – Agent Mouse, Night Ops Snake Eyes, Sgt Airborn
  • Cobra Invasion Team – Firefly, Storm Shadow, Cobra Invasion Trooper
  • Alpah Vehicle WAve 1 June 2012, Ninja Speed Cycle w/ Snake Eyes, Wheel Blaser Bike w/ Firefly
  • Wave 2 – Road Retalliator w/ Flint
  • Bravo Vehicle – Cobra Fangboat w/ Swamp Viper and Ninja Commando 4×4 w/ Snake Eyes
  • Wave 2 – Tread Ripper Tank w/ Clutch
  • Delta Vehicle Wave 1- Ghost Hawk 2 with Duke, Cobra HISS Tank w/ Cobra Commader
  • Delta Vehicle Wave 2 – Ninja Combat Cruiser w/ Night Fox
  • 10″ Ninja Commandos – Roadblock and Snake Eyes
  • Roleplay toys as revealed by USA Today
  • SDCC Kim Arashikage (Red Costume) and White Variant. Different heads. Vintage cardback
  • Shockwave H.I.S.S. Tank comes with Destro and B.A.T. Constructicon B.A.T including energon. Amazing piece.

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