More “Ganndroids” Google Android plush coming in 2012

Gann Memorials sent over word of their 2012 ‘Ganndroid’ Google Android plush line today. After debuting at the 2011 Toy Fair, Ganndroids are available in 9 and 12 inch sizes, as well as 3 inch key chain and mobile phone shielder “electric fabric” styles. The two latest Winter 2.0 releases are the “Windows are for Suckers” (car clinger) and “Santa CL-OS” (9 inch plush with posable arms). The 3rd wave (Spring 3.0) includes a huge 2 foot tall plush Google Android with poseable arms. TheWinter 2.0 styles will be shipping in March and while the Spring 3.0 styles will be shipping in April.



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