New Thundercats roleplay toys and vehicles in 2012

As I warm up from a few days off for Thanksgiving, lets get caught up on the latest Thundercats news!  Bandai sent over another batch of new images, this time focusing on a new basic vehicle – the Tiger Flyer and new roleplay toys!

The Tiger Flyer, which includes the Tygus figure is the first flying vehicle in the Thundercats line.  The vehicle incorporates the ThunderLynx magnet system where a figure can activate an LED light on the flyer.  The suggested price for the basic vehicle is $14.99.

In the role play space there are two new entries this spring – Panthro’s nunchucks, and Lion-O’s Claw Shield.  The nun-chucks feature foam ‘claws’ so that the less co-ordinated and ninja-like of us can play safely.  These have a suggested price of $9.99.  Lion-O’s Claw Shield features lights and action sounds and is fully compatible with the basic Sword of Omens, which is available now. The suggested price on the Claw Shield is $19.99.  Check out all these new items in the gallery below.  Thundercats Hooooo!

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