Figure Spotlight #30 – SDCC Geek Domo


Name: ‘Geek’ Domo
Series: Domo Qee
Released: July 2011

Over the past few years, a Domo Qee has been a SDCC staple.  Domo Qees are a series of Domo-shaped figures; each painted with a unique deco.  The 2011 San Diego Comic-con Domo was painted with a ‘geek’ motif – featuring chunky glasses, a button down shirt (with pocket protector), skinny tie and black slacks.  For the record, this was on my ‘must get’ list from this past comic-con and the Dark Horse booth was one of the first I went to on preview night.

If you have any Qee figures, or a similar vinyl type figure; you know exactly what to expect.  The articulation is limited; the sculpt is simple and stylized and the deco is spot on.  This figure really excels as its a unique take on the Domo character; but if you’re not a fan of the Japanese television icon, then this figure likely is of little interest to you.

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