Even more updates from Matty regarding 2012 subscriptions

After the final extension of the subscription period, a few new pieces of news have come out of the Matty camp this week; and its a mixed bag.

  • Masters of the Universe subscriptions did meet the threshold, but are at their lowest level yet. As a result the number of figures available for non-subscriber “day of” sales will be more limited then originally expected.  Interestingly, one of the reasons cited by Matty for limiting availability was to keep some demand on the secondary market.
  • One of the most requested items this year was the ability for subscribers to “add on” the additional 30th Anniversary figures to their subscription, it looks like this will be available in time to catch 5 of the 6 figures.  The first, Fearless Photog, will be out before this capability will be added and will only be available on the day off.  This “add on” will only be available to existing Club Eternia members.
  • Another new capability that is pending for Digital River, the company that handles the MattyCollector.com infrastructure is the ability to combine subscriptions purchased at different times.  If you ordered the Club Lion Force subscription when they were first made available and are now considering Club Eternia, around March you’ll be able to combine these into one order – saving you in shipping.  This is something that had been impossible to do in the past.
  • The DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription is hanging out just below 50% with a few days left.

That’s the news from Matty.  While you’re reading, enjoy this updated image of the first 30th Anniversary Figure – Fearless Photog.

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