Figure Spotlight #26 – Vinylmations Robot Series

Name: Steampunk Bot
Series: Vinylmations Robots
Released: July 2011

Coinciding with the kick off of this years’ San Diego Comic-con, the Disney Store released their exclusive series of Robot Vinylmation figures.  Vinylmations, if you’re not familiar with them, are 3 inch vinyl figures which all have the same shape (that of Mickey Mouse) but have different paint decos – each series of figures have different themes.  The figures are blind boxed, so you never know which you’re going to get.  There are a total of 12 designs in the Robots Vinylmation series (I love Ignition-Bot and AudioSonic-bot); the one in my box was the Steampunk-Bot as designed by Gerald Mendez.

So what do I think of the figure?  I’ll admit, this is my first Vinylmation; so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first thing I noticed was how heavy it was.  This isn’t any flimsy, cheap plastic toy – its got some substance.  I am also impressed by the quality of the paint apps which is essential they be crisp when the deco is the defining characteristic of the figure.  Fortunately everything is very crisp and sharp!  I’m not much of a steampunk fan, but I do like the design of this figure; particularly the clear “ears”.  I can completely see the appeal of Vinylmations; from all perspectives its a solid figure – quality construction; great paint applications and a good design.  If you want to pick up your own Vinylmations Robot, they should be available now at your local Disney Store, or online at

Vinylmations sample has been kindly provided by Ronstadt PR for Disney Store.

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