MattyMondays starting June 27th

Matty announced a new promotion today via their website – Mad Matty Monday.  On various Mondays throughout the year, there will be special sales.  The first of these kicks off on Monday, June 27th (9AM Pacific) and runs through July 11th – or until supplies run out.  This first Monday sale will feature mystery 3-packs each priced at $40 plus shipping – but only available to US customers.  For that, you’ll get three items…but of course you don’t know what specific products you are getting.  There will be three themes available:

  • Masters of the Universe
  • DC Universe
  • Ghostbusters

Frankly this seems like an odd promotion; I’m just a casual Master of the Universe fan, but the stuff I’ve skipped; I’ve skipped for a reason.  With no guarantee of any items in the pack, I’m not sure how many folks would be likely to toss down the $40.  Had they had an option to add a mystery figure to a specific order at a reduced price, that would be more tempting.


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