Hints to upcoming Classic Doctor Who figures?

Doctor Who logoCourtesy of a China-based eBay auction, we’ve had a glance at some likely future classic Doctor Who figures. The two figures (which are pictured below) are both redecos of existing figures. The Peri figure is lifted from the episode “Attack of the Cybermen” – perhaps she’s intended to be packaged with the long rumored Cybercontroller?  The shiny Master is a bit of a tougher guess, the general consensus is that he’s representing Kamelion shifting into the Master’s appearance – perhaps he’s intended to be packaged with an android form Kamelion or a 5th Doctor figure.

Are these these SDCC figures, customs, prototypes of cancelled products?  Only time will tell – likely we’re a few weeks away from Underground Toys revealing this year’s convention exclusives.

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