Mezco reveals 20 inch tall Mez-Itz Mega scale Batman

I got a message from Mezco this morning that they had one more convention exclusive to reveal; what they failed to mention was that it was a big reveal.  And by big; I mean physically big.  Today they announced the 20 inch tall DC Universe Mez-Itz Mega Scale Batman figure.  This figure is 3 times the size of the normal Batman Mez-Itz, and features a real cloth cape.  The figure has the same 5 points of articulation that the normal sized Mez-Itz have.  There are two versions of the figure that will be available, a black and gray and an Ultra Rare variant limited edition blue and grey. The figure is priced around $200, and will be available at the show, and then other establishments.

Check out the images below.

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