Marvel Q&A – 1st set of 2011 Answers

The fans ask the questions and the fine folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR answer ’em.  This is the first batch of 2011 questions!  If there’s something you want asked, just leave a comment or email me.  I’m always looking for questions to send in!

AwesomeToyBlog –   Before I get to question #1 – the clear Vision is as awesome as I was hoping he’d be.  Thanks for this one!  Now I’ll wait for Dazzler ;)What was the reason for dropping the MU file cards, and what are the chances of their return?  The file cards were a good way for the openers of the world to keep the card art, and they are missed.

Hasbro – Thanks!  We hope to dazzle you with more of what you want in the future!   As for the file cards…we chose to move in a different direction with just focusing more on the figure and the character.  Are the file cards something you guys would like to see more of?  Let your voices be heard!

AwesomeToyBlog – Marvel Universe has a lot of variants, both announced and unannounced.  How do you decide if a variant should be announced early (e.g. Dr. Strange astral version) or just make its way to mass retail (e.g. Norman Osborne Iron Patriot)?  Why are the variants not as prevalent in the other lines (Spider-man, Thor, etc.)?

Hasbro – There are so many different versions of characters and sometimes there are new versions of the characters that appear pretty quickly in the comics.  So, we try to tap into that vein whenever possible.  Also, we try to take a peak into the Watcher’s Journal and see if there’s any glimpses of the future that we can pull from.  But, it’s kind of tough to try and pry that book from his hands!

AwesomeToyBlog –  The stands included with Marvel Universe figures are great (love having 2 foot pegs); but sadly no stands come with comic packs or the Thor figures.  Any chance that stands may appear on HasbroToyShop?  Perhaps even genericized stands which would be compatible across all your 3 3/4″ lines?

Hasbro – Supplying toy shop with stands is currently not in the plans but it is something that we’ve talked about adding to the online component.

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