Bif Bang Pow! announces Doctor Who SDCC exclusives

This is one of the ones I have been waiting for!  Today Bif Bang Pow! revealed their Doctor Who SDCC exclusives as the TARDIS bobble head (with sound!) and the 8″ Cyberman and Master 2-pack.  In addition, the 4th Doctor and Sontaran figure which were revealed at toy fair are now available for preorder.  These figures are  part of their new retro-styled 8in line, which was first unveiled at this year’s toy fair.  Additionally they are releasing a TARDIS tin tote (which can’t be called a lunch box).

These items are available for pre-orders now and will be available at SDCC.  Check out the items and their links below.

TARDIS  Bobblehead – SDCC Exclusive $21.99
Doctor Who TARDIS Bobble with Sound - Comic-Con Exclusive

Fourth Doctor and Sontaran – $39.99
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor & Sontaran Styre Action Figures

Master and Cyberman – SDCC Exclusive $39.99
Doctor Who Cyberleader & The Master Exclusive Action Figures

TARDIS Tin Tote – $12.99
Doctor Who TARDIS Tin Tote

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