Toy Fair 2011 – NECA Toys

I went into the NECA booth at toy fair well aware of the buzz coming from my fellow bloggers, so I was concerned that I’d be disappointed since my expectations had been ratcheted up.  Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

The folks at NECA have a fantastic line-up for figures for the year.  The most buzz-getting and worthy item on display was the large scale Predator figure.  The detail and articulation on this piece is incredible, particularly at the expected price point of around $80.  Words cannot describe how spot-on these figures were, and pictures may only come close.  These have to be seen to be believed; the detail is incredible.  All three versions of the figure (helmeted, open mandibles, closed mandibles) were on display.  If this piece performs well at retail, additional pieces in this size are very likely.

Another focus of NECA Toys is the return of Gremlins.  Spurred by the success of several reissues at Toys R Us, they’ve got a whole line of newly sculpted Gremlins.  These little guys are packed full of articulation, they even have articulated eyes.  By rolling a ball on the back of the head, you can change the direction their eyes are looking.  Its a fantastic feature, and really lets you add some additional character to these little guys.  Great little figures.

Also in their showroom display were their horror movie and video game figures.  I’ve already posted about their Ghostface figure from the upcoming movie Scream 4, but it looks even better in person.  The soft goods robe was shown carded and the variant plastic robe figure was on display.

Check out the gallery below to see images from the showroom, in addition to the material mentioned above there are also bobbleheads, A Christmas Story merchandise, Green Lantern items, Harry Potter toys and more.

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