Toy Fair 2011 – Kotobukiya

While wandering the floor of the Javits center, the Koto booth caught my eye with their impressive display of 80 Stormtroopers statues flanking a Darth Vader.  For their ~8inch size, the amount of detail is incredible on these statues, and with the use of interchangable parts, the statues can be configured into multiple poses.  The Stormtrooper statues run about $75 for a 2-pack.  Darth Vader is expected to retail for approx. $45.  Other Star Wars items in their booth were their line of Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks and 2 silicon molds (suitable for making ice cubes, chocolates, etc); one of R2-D2 and the other being Han Solo encased in Carbonite, as well as their ArtFx Darth Vader and Commander Cody statues.  The Han Solo in carbonite mold blew my mind and is an item I’m going to have to pick up; the best part is that it has a suggested price of just $9.99.

In addition to their Star Wars product, they were also showcasing their Bishoujo Marvel and DC statue line, which are slightly anime-ized version of popular Marvel and DC super-heroines.  Their White Queen really caught my eye, having both a normal version and a semi-clear ‘diamond’ version.

Finally, they had several of their high-end Marvel statues.  These are highly detailed and large collector pieces.  You can see these and all the other product offerings at their booth by checking out the gallery below.

[nggallery id=41]

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