Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro Star Wars

My second favorite segment of Hasbro’s Toy Fair Collector’s event was Star Wars.  There were several reveals including an awesome (but pricey) San Diego Comic-con exclusive.  Keep reading to see highlights of the segment:

  • Vintage Collection is successful and will continue in 2012.  Not only will it continue, it will expand into the Expanded Universe
  • Vintage Wave 2 – Dagobah X-Wing Pilot Luke, Clone Trooper, AT-RT driver, Weequay Skiff, Fi-Ek Sirch, General Lando (looks great!)
  • Vintage Wave 3- Han Solo, Barriss Offee, Blockade Trooper (a+), Bom Vimdin, Captain Fordo, Logray (with ankles)
  • Vintage Wave 4 – 501st Clone, Aalya Secura, Dr. Evazan, Kithoba, Nom Amor
  • Vintage Wave 5 – Bastila Swan, Echo Base Trooper, Ponda Baba (2 sets of hands)
  • Target exclusive 3-packs are returning, but will be singly packed, not bundled
  • SDCC Exclusive – 12 pack of ‘Revenge of the Jedi’ Vintage carded figures in a Death Star box.  Approx. price $100-$120.  Awesome set, the only place to get a carded Salacious Crumb and Mouse Droid
  • There will be another mail-in – prototype Boba Fett
  • There will be collector packs for the Blu-Ray release; when the boxes are lined up the spines make an image
  • Galactic Heroes are ending and will be replaced by Jedi Force Figures
  • Ultimate FX Lightsabers – kid friend fx sabers with a ~$35 price point.  Shorter than fx sabers, plastic hilts, but keep the sounds and the rising/falling blade.  These looked really good and should be a big hit with both kids and adults.  Awesome packaging too.
  • Several other exclusives: Star Tours Ambush Pack, Star Tours Travel Agency Pack, Walmart Clone Wars DVD 2-packs, Target Clone Wars 2-packs, Kit Fisto fx Lightsaber

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