Figure Spotlight #24 – Vikor

VikorVikor , a great warrior from the north was chosen by the Goddess to help protect the Sword of He while Eternia waited for a true heir to King Greyskull to be born.  He also looks alot like Conan the Barbarian.  Vikor was the MattyCollector Masters of the Universe figure for January and has the distinction of selling out in 3 or 4 minutes, then having Matty announce that half the shipment was delayed with a second sale going live the following week.  The MattyCollector experience is always something new.

But once the appropriate hoops have been jumped through, you realize that Vikor is an excellent figure.  He’s got a great sculpt, awesome deco, and fantastic detail work (those are real metal chain links hanging from his wrists).  The figure is well articulated, but not overly so which would result in a floppy barbarian – and who would want a floppy barbarian?  I’ve really got nothing bad to say about Vikor, he’s in my top 3 Masters figures to date.  I’d say this one is so good that even if you’re not buying any Masters of the Universe figures; this one is worth a purchase as a stand-alone generic barbarian.  He’s awesome.

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