Figure Spotlight #19 – Supreme Dalek

Resurrection of the Daleks - Supreme DalekThe Supreme Dalek is part of the new ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ boxset from Underground Toys.  This set, which has been the focus of the past few figure spotlights, includes a 5th Doctor figure, a Dalek, the Supreme Dalek and Davros.  This Dalek sports a gloss black and white color scheme.

Ok, it’s another Dalek figure.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s spotlight the Dalek figures are good and well worth the cost if you’re a fan.  I’m curious as to what makes this Dalek the ‘Supreme Dalek’.  I know that at Taco Bell adding the adjective ‘supreme’ to something essentially means it has sour cream; but since this box set was dairy free, I have to assume the Daleks don’t use the same convention.  Part of me thinks that it really arrived from Dalek Bob just starting to refer to himself as Supreme and his Dalek friends just went along with it instead of confronting him.  Essentially everyone else bought into the Supreme thing and then you have it.  Maybe he’s Supreme because he’s shiny?  We’ll never know why this Dalek is the Supreme Dalek, but he is.  And he’s a good toy, so buy him.

The ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ boxset is now in-stock and ready to ship from e-tailer Entertainment Earth.  Be sure to check it out.

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