Figure Spotlight #3 – Marvel Universe Captain Marvel

Captain MarvelDespite popping up at the end of 2010, Captain Marvel is from the first wave of 2011’s Marvel Universe line.  Reflecting the new year the card design has been updated; now featuring a silver SHIELD logo in place of the HAMMER logo. Also new for 2011 is the elimination of the file card, which bums me out.  This makes it easy to find figures from this first wave while other waves get cleared out.  Mar-Vell is sporting his classic red and blue costume, his blond hair blowing in the cosmic breeze.  On their first attempt, Hasbro hit the ball out of the park on this figure; he’s just about perfect.  Which is good, as Captain Marvel is no Spider-Man and I think it’ll be awhile until we see a second version of him.

And here’s a bit of trivia True Believers – “The Death of Captain Marvel” was Marvel’s first graphic novel.

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