Figure Spotlight #2 – Vintage Collection Gamorrean Guard

Gammorean Guard Is this the definitive Gamorrean Guard figure?  I’m not completely sure yet.  The sculpt is top-notch as is the deco.  He is as well armed as you’d want a green pig-like palace guard to be.  And he’s wearing a big puffy fur skirt.  Wait, what?  Yep, a soft goods “fur” skirt cover’s the figure’s middle section.  My opinion on the figure keeps flip-flopping; at one moment I’ll look at the whole figure and say – “wow, he’s pretty awesome” and then the next I’ll focus on the fur and think – “Gee, that sorta ruins it”.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a version down the road where a plastic skirt replaces the fur, just to see if it works better, but for now I’ll have to settle.  Any way you look at it, this version is far superior to the POTF2 guard.

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