Underground Toys announces new Doctor Who Classics set – ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’

Doctor Who logoToday Underground Toys announced via their Twitter feed a new boxed set of Classic Doctor Who figures.  From the 5th Doctor story ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ they’ve put together a set featuring a 5th Doctor repaint, Davros and 2 Daleks.  ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ is a noted 5th Doctor episode, in part due to the unusually high body count for a Doctor Who episode.

Preorders for UK readers are open now and can be found here.  This set will be available in the US, unlike the recent Cybermen and Daleks sets which have been UK exclusives, however pre-orders are not yet open.  Check out an image of the four figures below and check out the different pants on the Doctor.

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