Last Marvel Q&A for the year

Thanks to the fine folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR for taking the time to answer AwesomeToyBlog’s questions.  If you’re itching to ask a question, leave a comment and I’ll put it in the queue.  Now lets get to the Q&A-ing.

1.  Will there be “launch dates” for the Thor and Captain America movie lines?  If so, when can we expect these toys on the pegs of our local Mega-Center?

You can expect the Thor movie line to hit store shelves in March 2011 and the Captain America movie line in May 2011.
2.  Can you describe the process for creating figures like the Spider-Man ‘Web Splashers’?  Are the concepts derived in a brainstorming session, or does one person have an idea and make a pitch?  I’d imagine that the creative freedom of the Spider-Man line must make it one of the favorites to design for.

Water toys have always been a huge draw for kids, and when given the opportunity to work on these, we try to give kids a lot of value within waterplay. The concepts themselves do come from brainstorming sessions, but also a number of other ways including research, sketching, ideation…really, most ideas can come from anywhere.  When we finally got down to it, it seemed to make the most sense to develop cool looking, water blasting vehicles with mission based Spidey’s and villains. And yes, because Spider-Man has such a rich, immersive world when it comes to cool action toys, it is one of our favorites to design for.
3.  Of the 2010 Marvel figures (Iron Man, Spider-man, Marvel U) who are some of the in-house favorites?

The more unique characters and the “never been dones” are usually the faves around here.  Galactus would have to be #1 for 2010.  Some of the others include the AIM Soldier, Warpath, Winter Soldier, and Thanos!

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