Likely false rumors about upcoming Classic Doctor Who figures

Doctor Who logoThere’s a new set of rumors floating around the Doctor Who message boards about upcoming Doctor Who Classics figures.  They seem like feasible releases, but I’d take this list with a huge grain of salt.  Maybe even a shaker full of them.  However the rumored figures are:

  • Master w/ TCE and and Axon (Claws of Axos)
  • Brigadier and Omega (The Three Doctors)
  • Jo Grant and Gell Guard (The Three Doctors)
  • Linx and his spaceship (The Time Warrior)
  • Season 18 4th Doctor

Of this list, I have the most confidence in the season 18 4th Doctor, as we’ve already seen the body used for the SDCC exclusive regeneration 5th Doctor.  The Axon is rumored to be a repaint of the existing (yet unreleased) Krynoid figure (for the series, the Krynoid costume was actually a repainted Axon costume); which would also seem like an economical release.

There is also a 2nd rumor that there are figures being planned from the Peter Cushing Doctor Who feature films from the 60s.

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  1. I’m giving the Delgado rumour credence, as a prototype photo’s leaked (it looks really lovely), and a first-hand report of handling it (with TCE) as well.

    The recent Anthony Ainley release might speak against it (we’ve already had one Master) or it might speak for it (they’re concentrating on doing the Master now).

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