Star Wars Q&A – Answers

I ask questions, Hasbro sends back answers.  This is AwesomeToyBlog’s first set of Q&A and I’d like to thank the people at Hasbro (and HunterPR) for allowing me in.  These questions were due 6/4/10.

1) It is great that Star Wars stands are readily available on, are there any plans to update the included sticker sheet to reflect more recent or future figure releases?
We are still selling through the last batch that was released, so until that is gone we don’t have plans to provide an updated sticker sheet.

2) Given the success of ‘The Force Unleashed’ is there any chance that characters from ‘Shadows of the Empire’ will return to the pegs, or has that ship sailed?

There won’t be any figures released for the videogame based on on Shadows of the Empire, but there are a few additional characters we would like to do here and there from the Comics if given the chance.  However, with Comic Packs on hiatus, and slots for EU figures very scarce, it’s unlikely we will get to these any time soon (i.e. within the next couple of years).  (Editor’s note – about one hour after I sent this question in I remembered the Leia / Xizor comic-pack – whoops)

As always, if you have questions you’d like answered – leave them in the comments.  I’m always looking for things to ask!

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