Mezco Toys Convention Exclusives

Mezco has announced all their summer convention specials and have their first DC-based Mez-Itz. All of these products will be available for pre-order at Mezco’s website starting June 11th at noon.

The exclusives are:

  • Batman & Joker 6″ Mez-Itz Two Pack – $40
  • Kick-Ass Super Bundle with Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl Mez-Itz & Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl Mini-Mez-Itz Key Ringz – $35
  • Living Dead Dolls Resurrection IV Two Packs – $220
  • Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland: 13 inch & Mini Alice Deluxe Bundle – $75
  • Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland Ex Libris Victus Mortuus Set -$20

You can see pictures of all these exclusives over on the exclusives tracker.

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