Figure Spotlight 91 – Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic

Series: Secret Wars 2-packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

The 3rd set of ‘Secret Wars’ 2-packs hit retail at the beginning of the year, with these 3 sets we now have 9 of the 12 issues of the Secret Wars mini-series available.  First up is Mister Fantastic from #6 (remember these were not released in numerical order); his package mate was Ultron.

I’m starting with Mister Fantastic mainly because he’s the worst of the bunch.  For starters, his body type is all wrong…Reed Richard’s isn’t this muscular.  The second feature I hate in this figure is the pushed forward head.  I’ve previously called this out, but I still hate it.  It also prevents figures from being able to look up.  It’s stupid.  Finally the head scuplt is sorta lame. 

The good news (or bad news for your wallet) is that Ultron is a frickin’ awesome figure and makes buying the 2-pack worth it.  He’s up next!

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