Hasbro 2010 Toy Fair Presentation

Today was the kick-off to the New York Fair and Hasbro held a fan-centric event. I wasn’t there, but you can find the full presentation (via yakface.com) for Marvel, GI Joe and Transformers here and Star Wars here.  There’s tons of news in the presentation so I suggest you give it a read.  Some of the key items after the jump!

Marvel Universe:

  • There will be a 19″ Galactus as part of the Marvel Universe line ~ $50
  • Thanos will be making an appearance in Marvel Universe
  • SDCC Exclusive Announcements:  Iron Man Mighty Mugg (with slide-down faceplate), 3 pack of Super Hero Squad figures, Marvel Universe Ultimate Capt. America and Ages of Thunder Thor


  • Details of power-core combiners showed; limbs do not have robot modes – serve as drones
  • Masterpiece Grimlock will be a Toys R Us Exclusive!
  • SDCC Exclusive Announcements: G1 Autobot Blaster with Steeljaw, Longhorn and  Eject; per TFormers.com there will be a Transformers Mighty Mugg exclusive – details not revealed.

GI Joe:

  • New cardback design (which looks great) and figures will not be based on actor’s likeness in 2010.
  • New HISS Tank shown with actual moving treads
  • SDCC Exclusive Announcement: Sqt. Slaughter returning to GI Joe

Star Wars:

  • Vintage collection returning, figures remaining at SRP of $7.99.  Clone Wars and Legends figures price cut to $6.99
  • Basic figures now include cards which enable a battle card game – no more droid parts!
  • Mail-away for rocket firing Boba-Fett
  • AT-AT shown for both Vintage collection and Galactic Heroes Range
  • Force FX lightsabers will have removable blades going forward.
  • Celebration V Exclusives: Cami and Fixer Comic Pack, 4-LOM and Zuckuss in vintage ‘swapped’ packaging
  • SDCC Exclusive: Darth Maul and Owen Lars Comic Pack

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