Figure Spotlight 88 – Cyberman (Earthshock)

Cyberman (Earthshock)

Series: Doctor Who Classics, 2nd series

Release Date: 2/2010

Comments: I am sad that this is the last wave 2 Doctor Who classics figure I have to look at, but I really did save the best for last.  In fact, all week I’ve been looking forward to writing this one.  The ‘Earthshock’ Cyberman is awesome.  Best of wave and is already a contender for best figure of the year.  Yea, that good.

As I said for the Mummy, sometimes a figure is helped by its source, in this case the fantastic episode ‘Earthshock’.  I mean its an episode with Cybermen (a plus), death of a companion (poor Adric) and an explanation of the extinction of the dinosaurs; I could never ask more of an episode of Classic Doctor Who.  And on the figure itself…fantastic.  A great sculpt, great articulation, see thru chin its just like on TV!  I don’t often buy multiples of figures anymore, they’re too expensive and I don’t have enough space – but that rule will be broken for the Cyberman.  I cannot rant enough – this is an awesome figure.

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