The Force Unleashed 2010 Boxsets

Clear StormtrooperThis year’s Toys R Us exclusive Star Wars: The Force Unleashed boxsets have been revealed on ebay (and reported on Rebelscum).  There will be 2 boxsets available, each comprised of a mixture of old and new figures.  The breakdowns  the Toys R Us exclusive Star Wars: the Force Unleashed are below.

Set 1 of 2 will include:

  • Imperial JumpTrooper (repaint)
  • Galen Marek (Bounty Hunter outfit)
  • Felucian Warrior (repaint)
  • Shadow Stormtrooper (repaint)\
  • Set 2 of 2 will include:

  • Imperial EVO Trooper (repaint)
  • Juno Eclipse
  • Galen Marek (Raxus Prime)
  • Rahm Kota Milita Elite
  • Shadow Stormtrooper (repaint)
  • These sets should go a long way towards satisfying the demand for figures from the popular game (I have to have that translucent Stormtrooper!). No details on pricing or release date are available yet.

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