Figure of the Day 70 – Cyclops


Series: Marvel Universe; Secret Wars Comic 2-packs
Availability: 2009
Comments: The second wave of the “Secret Wars” comic 2-packs for the Marvel Universe line are here.  This time around, figures are packaged with issues 4, 7 and 8 of the 12 issue limited series.  Cyclops was packaged with the Incredible Hulk and issue 4 of the series.

Cyclops is getting a fair amount of play in the 3 3/4″ scale already in the assorted Marvel lines.  You have an Astonishing X-Men figure in the Wolverine: Origins line; an animated style Cyclops in the animated Wolverine line and you have this one in the comic 2-packs.  Of the three available today, this one is my favorite.  Unlike some Marvel Universe figures, Cyclops feels sturdy; but he’s not so bulky that it doesn’t still seem like Scott ‘Slim’ Summers.  The sculpt is minimal; his belt is painted one – but it works.  I think I could have done with less blackwash, but it does accentuate the sculpted musculature; however I’m concerned about how this figure will stand out on a shelf of other figures lacking this approach.  My criticisms are pretty minor though, and this Cyclops is a fantastic addition to the line; just with there was a classic Marvel Girl to go along with him.

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