Figure of the Day 66 – Magneto


Series: Marvel Super Hero Squad
Availability: 2006
Comments: Its a mini-Master of Magnetism!  Joining the ranks of Super Deformed, kid and adult friendly figures is Magneto.  As part of Hasbro’s Super Hero Squad Magneto brings his magnetic charm to the line.

All of these figures are pretty straightforward, and you’re either a fan of the concept or not.  I tend to like them.  Magneto’s got a simple sculpt and great painted detail.  He’s one of the nicer Super Hero Squad figures I have.  He also has average articulation.  It is a little weird that he’s standing, one footed, on a metal ball – not sure why he’s not just standing on the ground.  But considering some of the things Magneto has done in the comics, it’s strange to consider him ‘kid friendly’.  And for that reason alone, he’s one to join the ranks.

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