Figure of the Day 62 – Pons Limbic

Pons Limbic

Series: Star Wars: Legacy Collection
Availability: 2008
Comments: The Star Wars: Legacy collection is Hasbro’s latest branding for its basic Star Wars line.  Pons Limbic (or Brainiac if you’re “old school”) comes packed with R2-L3’s legs as part of the build-a-droid gimmick.

The Mos Eisley cantina has to be one of Hasbro’s favorite places.  They’ve released thousands of figures in the Star Wars lines and there’s still fresh faces in that seedy joint.  Pons Limbic is one of the recent releases from the Cantina; and he’s just about perfect.  Great likeness, good articulation a working holster…since this was likely the only figure he’s going to get, Hasbro got it right.  Unfortunately, Pons Limbic didn’t fly off the pegs; meaning future cantina denizens might be in shorter supply.

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